Stunning piano soundscapes

Become immersed in John’s unique musical touch: melancholy & ethereal, interspersed with hints of optimism.


Highly acclaimed ‘Short Suite for Piano’

A set of four solo piano pieces, together entitled ‘Uncharted’, which has been highly esteemed by influential musicians who trained a the Royal College of Music, London, United Kingdom.


Fantastic publishing deal

In 2018, John entered a publishing deal with Monkey Puzzle House (MPH) music UK, and has released several albums with them over the years.


Ongoing projects

More music in the pipeline! John continues to work closely with his publishers, as well as sharing inspiring piano improvisations across social media. Stay tuned for more beautiful music.


Hello music lovers,

I began piano lessons during my childhood. After discovering Chopin, I really fell for the beauty of music: beyond words or images, in and of itself an ethereal phenomenon, and manifestation of human creativity.

During my teens I was so enthralled by his compositions that I adamantly started learning some stunning works. These included some of Chopin’s Ballades, Debussy’s ‘Reflets dans l’eau’, along with a bit of Satie here and there.

Later on, I spent some years in Malta, and had the opportunity to have lessons with a couple of excellent pianists and musicians. They gave me great insight into the instrument, how to produce a more singing tone at the piano, as well as other various invaluable techniques. I would also play my compositions, and we would proceed to discuss and analyse them.

I don’t particularly feel any great benefit in defining my “style”. Isn’t music an experience in itself, be it jazz, rock, or classical? Anyhow, I will attempt to bring some linguistic interpretation into my works: minimalist, and often meditative, to somewhat more experimental, free, and harmonically abstract. I also enjoy rich, powerful chords and progressions.

Best wishes,