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John C Buttigieg

Hello music lovers,

I began piano lessons during my childhood. After discovering Chopin, I really fell for the beauty of music: beyond words or images, in and of itself an ethereal phenomenon, and manifestation of human creativity.

During my teens I was so enthralled by his compositions that I adamantly started learning some stunning works. These included some of Chopin’s Ballades, Debussy’s ‘Reflets dans l’eau’, along with a bit of Satie here and there.

Later on, I spent some years in Malta, and had the opportunity to have lessons with a couple of excellent pianists and musicians. They gave me great insight into the instrument, how to produce a more singing tone at the piano, as well as other various invaluable techniques. I would also play my compositions, and we would proceed to discuss and analyse them.

I don’t particularly feel any great benefit in defining my “style”. Isn’t music an experience in itself, be it jazz, rock, or classical? Anyhow, I will attempt to bring some linguistic interpretation into my works: minimalist, and often meditative, to somewhat more experimental, free, and harmonically abstract. I also enjoy rich, powerful chords and progressions.

Best wishes,


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